ሞዓ የቆዳ ውጤቶች ማምረቻ
They say pictures paint a thousand words. It’s true but it’s still not enough. We want YOU to touch, feel and use our products and believe that MOA leather factory provides you the best quality of handcrafted leather.

What we Sell

Genuine leather bag made from cowhide with a fine and sleek touch which makes it comfortable. The other feature is, its durability it will last for a very long time. These bags are handcrafted in our own factory.

Designing New Ideas. giving more option

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Product Type

Men Belt products

Genuine leather Men Belts with differnt design.

Why we are different

We have been making export standard, handcrafted leather products ranging from wallets, belts to jackets, bags, and shoes.

We realize the state of our economy and are always determined to make our prices affordable to a variety of customers. You can be sure to find a durable product at a fair price.

Outstanding Design

MOA Genuine Leather is a unique leather factory that makes bags, belts, leather jackets, and other handcrafted leather products. With our genuine product, we are confident you will be a happy lifetime customer.

Do you wat to resell
our products

You will get in bulk if you want to resale our product come and visit one of our shops you will be amazed by what we offer, send your message down below!